About us

Cesar Motte, founder, SnapLiveEvents.

After completing his Masters in e-commerce at HEC in 2005, Cesar spent the following years perfecting his skills in e-learning, video conferencing and webcasting. As his webcasting services became more and more in demand, Cesar was ready to share his webcasting expertise with a wider market.

Having tried and tested most webcasting solutions on the market, including on-site and do-it-yourself techniques, he realized the best way was still using on-site professional services. SnapLiveEvents was thus created to offer this service at an affordable price.

Cesar is highly comfortable in technical environments and enjoys realizing people’s webcasting visions. He’s particularly strong on site, capable of maintaining focus and solving any unexpected technical issues as they arise. His patience, adaptability and technical skills make SnapLiveEvents your go-to webcasting service.