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On-site live event broadcasting

Web broadcasting is now accessible for all types of events, from training programs to interviews, from conventions to weddings.

SnapLiveEvents uses a personalized, spontaneous and accessible approach that reflects your vision and brings out the unique aspect of every webcast.


Each live event webcast has its own particular demands and challenges.  You also only have one chance to get it right.That’s why SnapLiveEvents uses techniques and equipment that are proven to be efficient and reliable.
In fact, our web-broadcasting platform is one of the most stable and popular on the market today.


SnapLiveEvents only takes one hour for set-up, so we wont be in your way!

Have a little “live event” stage fright? No problem! For an added boost of confidence, upon request, SnapLive Events will gladly schedule a rehearsal to make sure you are ready when the red light flashes.


SnapLiveEvents’ efficient and streamlined webcasting system means that we can offer affordable rates for both small businesses and private individuals. Even your modest-sized personal event is within reach.